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The Winter King Humbly Welcomes you to his Domain!

Enter if you dare…

In the town of Fallcrest, a town in the heart of the Nentir vale, it started to snow in the middle of summer. A few days later, still the same, with the snow piling high all around the area when the days should be at their hottest, proving that this was not just some freak weather. Undoubtedly, people start to starve. The people of Fallcrest were not at all prepared for this cold weather.

However, when all hope seemed lost, a rather odd band of adventurers arrived in town… a dragonborn, a cleric and two drastically different dwarves. When a flying viking longship sailed down from the sky, they were quick to act an fought off a horde of undead that came spewing out from it. After the battle, the ship’s figurehead demanded an ice scepter in the name of a long dead menace… the winter king. This is where their story begins…

Home Page

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